This document defines a high level roadmap for KubeEdge development.

The milestones defined in GitHub represent the most up-to-date plans.

KubeEdge 1.1 is our current stable branch. The roadmap below outlines new features that will be added to KubeEdge.

2019 Q4 Roadmap

  • Support HA for cloudcore
  • Support exec&logs API for edge application
  • Support reliable message delivery from cloud to edge.
  • Add protobuf support for data exchange format between cloud and edge
  • Finish scalability test and publish report
  • Support managing clusters at edge from cloud (aka. EdgeSite)
  • Enhance performance and reliability of KubeEdge infrastructure.
  • Support ingress at edge.
  • Upgrade Kubernetes dependencies in vendor to v1.16.
  • Improve contributor experience by defining project governance policies, release process, membership rules etc.
  • Improve the performance and e2e tests with more metrics and scenarios.
  • Improve KubeEdge installation experience
  • Add more docs and move docs out of main repo


  • Support edge-cloud communication using edgemesh.
  • Istio-based service mesh across Edge and Cloud where micro-services can communicate freely in the mesh.
  • Enable function as a service at the Edge.
  • Support more types of device protocols such as OPC-UA, Zigbee.
  • Evaluate and enable much larger scale Edge clusters with thousands of Edge nodes and millions of devices.
  • Enable intelligent scheduling of applications to large scale Edge clusters.
  • Data management with support for ingestion of telemetry data and analytics at the edge.
  • Security at the edge.
  • Support for monitoring at the edge.
  • Evaluate gRPC for cloud to edge communication.